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UPS has been an engine for job growth since the company was founded in a Seattle basement in 1907. Today, the company makes more than 20 million U.S. deliveries a day.

We seek a contract that delivers a win for our employees, the teamsters, UPS and our customers.

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Q: What does UPS hope to achieve in these negotiations?
A: We’re not far apart on the issues we’ll be negotiating. UPS and the teamsters both agree that a healthy and growing UPS is good – for our employees, our company and customers, and the union.

Q: When does the current contract expire?
A:  Aug. 1, 2023.

Q: Is there one contract or multiple agreements?
A: The UPS-Teamsters labor agreement has two layers. The National Master Agreement (NMA) addresses topics such as wages, healthcare and pension. There are also more than 40 supplements and riders that cover specific areas of the country, addressing local topics, such as route bidding, vacation selection and optional holidays. Each eligible Teamsters-represented employee can vote on the NMA and the supplement and/or rider that covers their employment. All of these agreements – the NMA, supplements and riders – must be ratified before any of them can be implemented.

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