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Our Teamsters-represented employees have voted to overwhelmingly ratify a new five-year National Master Agreement. Click here to learn more.

Wage numbers below reflect the previous National Master Agreement. Our Teamsters-represented employees will continue to receive best-in-industry wages and benefits under the new agreement.

Economic Security
UPS provides employees with industry-leading pay and benefits.

On average, delivery drivers earn $95,000 per year in wages.

On average, local tractor-trailer drivers earn $112,000 per year in wages.

In addition to their wages, our full-time employees receive $50,000 in health, welfare and pension contributions.

UPS part-time employees earn an average of $20 per hour after 30 days and receive the same health, welfare and pension benefits as our full-time employees.

Steady job growth
UPS creates jobs with competitive wages and rewards people who stay.

We provide about 330,000 full- and part-time Teamsters-represented jobs.

Since 2018, UPS added about 72,000 Teamsters-represented jobs in the U.S., and 33,000 of those were full-time.

More than 70% of our 443,000 U.S. employees are represented by unions.

UPS’s Teamsters-represented employees are the largest private sector bargaining unit in the U.S., having grown from 100,000 to about 330,000 in the last 25 years, even as overall Teamsters’ membership declined.

Upward mobility
UPS provides employees with career pathways - not just jobs.

Many UPSers begin part-time and then apply for full-time slots once they have learned the skills and proven themselves - similar to an apprenticeship system.

More than 18,000 employees (55%) of our employees in management started in union positions.

Job training
We provide our employees with industry-leading training to help keep them safe.

Our U.S. operations employees received more than 6 million hours of safety training in 2022.

UPS has a network of more than 500 safety professionals and spends more than $343 million in safety training annually.

There are more than 10,500 drivers in UPS’s Circle of Honor, an elite group who have not had an avoidable accident for 25 years or more.

UPS takes a strong and unwavering stance to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

More than 48% of U.S. employees are ethnically diverse; 21% of our global workforce are women and 78% are under age 50.

In 2022, we reached 36.8% ethnically diverse U.S. management and 26.5% women in global full-time management. Our Board of Directors includes 31% ethnically diverse members and 46% women.

Year-round initiatives include 180+ Business Resource Groups, the Equity, Justice & Action Task Force, and UPS Ignite and Proudly Unstoppable programs.

Serving Our Communities
UPS create more resilient, just and safe communities.

In 2021, UPS employees donated more than one million hours of their time. The same year, UPS and its employees combined to donate $120.8 million to philanthropic organizations.

Our employees aim to deliver 30 million volunteer service hours by 2030, including one million volunteer service hours in underserved Black communities by 2025.

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