Get the facts on 2023 UPS-Teamsters negotiations topics

UPS’s point of view on key topics during the 2023 UPS Labor Negotiations with the Teamsters.
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The Teamsters recently ratified a new National Master Agreement. Together, we have secured a contract that provides wins for our employees, our company and the union. Click here to learn more.

What you should know

Job Creation and Opportunities

We believe a healthy, growing company is in everyone’s best interest. UPS has been an engine for U.S. job growth for more than a century. We have consistently created good-paying jobs that help employees build a solid foundation for their future. In fact, UPS added 120,000 Teamsters jobs in the last 10 years even as private-sector union membership declined across the country. From August 2018-December 2022, 38,000 part-time employees advanced to full-time positions in the company, and 55 percent of our management team (18,000 employees) began working at UPS in union-represented positions.

Pay and Benefits

We believe that we have the best employees in the industry, and we are proud to provide our full- and part-time union employees industry-leading pay and benefits that include a pension, paid vacation time and little-to-no-cost healthcare coverage. Our delivery drivers make $95,000 a year on average in wages, and our part-time union employees are paid on average $20 per hour after 30 days. We will continue to provide highly competitive wages and benefits that reward our employees and attract and retain the best talent. The Teamsters recently ratified the new National Master Agreement on August 22, 2023, which increases our already best-in-industry wages. Figures above reflect the previous agreement.

Paid Time Off

We provide our full- and part-time union represented employees with paid time off for vacation, sick leave, option days and holidays so they can take the days off that are most important to them. We’ll continue to work with the Teamsters to provide our employees with a generous number of days off, while also meeting our customers’ needs for essential deliveries.

Part-time Jobs

Our service is the best in the industry, and part-time employees are essential to our success. The nature of our work includes alternating bursts of activity and slack time throughout the day. Our facilities are busiest when packages arrive to be sorted and slow down once trucks are loaded and out for delivery. As a result, part-time roles are critical to our business. These jobs are also ideal for many people who want to work part-time to advance their education and pursue their passions. That’s why we provide our part-time, union-represented employees with an industry-leading total compensation package that includes competitive hourly wages, the same little-to-no-cost healthcare benefits that our full-time union employees receive, a pension, tuition reimbursement and opportunity for advancement.

22.4 Drivers

During our 2018 contract negotiations with the Teamsters, Article 22.4 positions were introduced to provide UPS with the flexibility to meet increased consumer demand for weekend pick-ups and deliveries while preserving the Monday-Friday schedule preferred by our full-time delivery drivers. These 22.4 positions are not a replacement for our regular delivery driver positions. The new National Master Agreement will reclassify 22.4 drivers to Regular Package Car Drivers.


UPS drivers have planned workdays with reasonable overtime. Our planning considers normal volume fluctuations by day of the week and time of the year, which has enabled us to keep our delivery drivers’ average paid day to about 9 hours. We need to remain flexible to meet the changing needs of our customers, but we also want to consider our employees’ desired number of work hours.

Heat Safety

We all want UPSers to stay safe when it’s hot. And we are committed to heat safety and finding solutions. Since last summer, we’ve partnered with sports scientists and heat-safety experts to develop new solutions and improvements to our health and safety program. In addition to our new, science-backed training program, package-car drivers have already started receiving science-based cooling gear that can help regulate their body temperatures. We’ve installed a fan in every package car. We’re rapidly increasing the installation of new fans in our facilities and continue to invest more than $343 million in safety training each year. And to ensure UPSers have what they need to stay hydrated, we’re improving access to ice, cool water and electrolytes beverages.

UPS and the Teamsters recently reached an agreement about vehicle heat safety. Learn more here.


Like other companies in our industry, training, technology, sensors and cameras are among the tools in our safety program that keep UPSers safe. Nothing is more important to us than getting every UPSer home safely after work. We do not record audio or video of our drivers while they are in UPS package cars. Data from our sensors is used to recognize UPSers for safe driving, identify unsafe behaviors and provide one-on-one coaching and training. All these tools improve safe driving behaviors and keep UPSers, our roads and our communities safe.

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