Package delivery industry overview


Customer needs are evolving – and we must evolve, too

E-commerce continues to transform our industry with customers looking for ways to reduce shipping time and cost, manage returns, and get the most value from their delivery provider. We’ll remain the industry leader by staying flexible, innovative and responsive.

An increasingly competitive environment

Shoppers want their purchases faster – and retailers are working to meet that need. 

  • 99%

  • 87%

  • 41%

Competitors – old and new alike – are offering flexible, fast serviceseven days a week. Regional carriers LaserShip and OnTrac have merged to offer coast-to-coast delivery in as little as three days. DoorDash has a fleet of 6 million drivers, up from 100,000 just five years ago.

Many retailers offer buy online pick up in store services within 2 hours of order while over ½ offer same-day or next-day delivery. A small number of large retailers also deliver products for other retailers using independent contractors or gig workers.

In the face of these changes, we must stay flexible to compete and win.




Competing against non-union companies

For decades, the delivery industry was dominated by just a few companies. Today, a wide range of competitors are keeping their costs low by using independent contractors and gig workers instead of unionized employees like ours.