UPS expands supply chain operations at Frankfurt Airport to better serve customers

Upgraded facility complements global integrated network
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ICYMI: We built out our Frankfurt Airport gateway, adding nearly 25% more warehouse space to meet new demand. The expansion is part of the modernization and optimization of our global network.

The Frankfurt, Germany facility is a major UPS Supply Chain Solutions (SCS) logistics hub for Central Europe that:

  • Connects the region’s growing tech and healthcare industries with air, rail and sea hubs in Amsterdam, Cologne, Hamburg, Liège, Roermond, Rotterdam and Warsaw
  • Joins seamlessly with the UPS European Air Hub in Cologne, powering fast and reliable delivery across Europe
  • Links with the new dedicated UPS Healthcare facility in Giessen and the SCS European hub in Roermond, Netherlands – which grew by 183,000 square feet last year

The big picture: Companies are looking for ways to make their supply chain strategies more flexible and resilient. That’s why they’re looking for more shipping options that will diversify their trade lanes ... and are eager to work with companies that will offer solutions from end-to-end. 

“We’re giving our customers more delivery options than ever before, helping them maintain their advantage in competitive global markets,” said Susanne Klinger-Werner, President UPS SCS Europe.

Our integrated global network gives customers flexibility and resiliency. And it’s not just cargo space and vehicles – our digital solutions let customers track their business in real-time and avoid costly disruptions.

Here’s how we do it:

And here’s how we do it sustainably: The Frankfurt expansion also modernized the facility’s lighting system, reducing energy consumption by 76% - that’s 375,000 kWh per year and equivalent to the average energy use of over 30 households! In fact, did you know that we only use electricity from renewable sources in Germany?

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