We’re growing a faster, more resilient UPS network in the Asia Pacific region

New investment in the Philippines will add speed and flexibility to growing region
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What’s new: At UPS, we’re making improvements to our speed and capabilities in the Asia Pacific region. In fact, we’ve committed over $250 million since 2023 – upgrading our express, supply chain and healthcare logistics services, as well as expanding operations at Clark International Airport in the Philippines.

Why it matters: The Asia Pacific is home to many of the fastest-growing global economies. By making improvements to our customer experience there, we are making progress on our journey to establishing UPS as the #1 complex healthcare logistics provider and premium logistics orchestrator in the world.

“We’ve been in our Philippines hub for more than 25 years, helping connect businesses to markets in Asia Pacific and beyond,” said Wilfredo Ramos, president, UPS Asia Pacific. “The investments will enhance time in transit and position UPS for long term growth.”

We’re also growing our healthcare business in the region, introducing UPS Premier in nine markets across Asia Pacific. This service provides priority handling for time- and temperature-sensitive, patient-critical products.

In 2023, we added over 22,000 square meters of cold chain-enabled handling, storage and distribution space with new healthcare facilities in Singapore and Australia. An additional 12,000 square meters is planned for 2024.

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