Families that work together, stay together

See how parents, siblings, cousins … are building their legacies at UPS
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These are the inspirational stories of our people – the moms and dads who didn’t need a college degree to have a successful career and take care of their kids. The families with multiple generations of UPSers – grandparents, parents and their children. And the students who join UPS part-time to get the support they need to fulfill their dreams. They’re helping us deliver what matters – every single day.  

Get to know the people who are (literally!) keeping the matching “UPS browns” in the family. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

1. Table for nine, please! Get to know Jo Ann's family

Safety Supervisor Jo Ann loves UPS’s benefits and opportunities so much that she recruited all nine of her kids to work at the company. Yes, ALL! How’s that for a family affair?  

"UPS's legacy has really become our legacy,” Jo Ann said.

2. Read about Clinton's family tradition Psst! It starts with U and ends with S 😉

With almost 23 years of service at UPS, automotive mechanic Clintons strong work ethic has helped him provide for his family. And today, five of his seven children have built UPS careers of their own. 

“You have to  plant the seeds and grow roots,” Clinton said. 

3. See how Glenda is paving the way for her loved ones

After 30 years of safe driving, Glenda is sharing her experiences with new hires and encouraging them to take control of UPS’s many career opportunities – starting with her son and niece who are following in her footsteps

“I'm very proud of my mom. She's my role model,” said son and part-time UPS supervisor Deonzelow.

4. See how Chris Sr. and Jr. are prioritizing safety 

Chris Sr. is a driver who has been with UPS for over 22 years, and his son, Chris Jr., is a third-generation driver. They will tell you that safe driving is a big deal (and so is industry-leading pay and benefits!)  

“He convinced me that UPS would pay better and provide the job security needed to help raise a family. He was right, and I have no regrets,” said Chris Jr.

5. Explore Alyssa & Brittney's sisterhood of the matching browns

In less than two years at UPS, identical twins Alyssa and Brittney rose to management positions from part-time package handler and part-time operations supervisor positions. They’ve quickly become an inspiration for other women in operations.  

“My overall goal is to one day be the CEO,” said Alyssa. “Okay, well, how about you take the West Coast … and I take the East Coast?,” Brittney jokingly added. 

6. See how Brea's son is following in her footsteps

UPS tractor-trailer driver Brea has an impressive 28 years of professional driving without a single accident and is now sharing her knowledge with the next generation – starting with her son, Alphonso, who joined UPS in 2020. 

“It's a really good thing to work at UPS. It's a great company,” Brea said. “UPS is on top of it – we have delivery down to a science.” 

Want more? Here’s some quick stats: 

  • Approximately 55% of our U.S. union workforce is part-time.  
  • UPS offers the best pay and benefits package in the industry for full-time package delivery drivers, who average $95,000 a year in wages.  
  • Part-time, union-represented UPSers receive the same health care benefits as our full-time union employees after a short waiting period. 
  • We also provide part-time employees incredible opportunities for growth, including a path to full-time work if that’s what they want and college tuition assistance of up to $25,000 starting on day one. 
  • Our pay and benefits package for part-time Teamsters-represented employees is valued at close to double what our competitors offer.  

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