Jo Ann Johnson starts a family tradition with a little help from UPS tuition assistance

Mother works side by side with children
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Bring your child(ren) to work: Safety Supervisor Jo Ann Johnson loves UPS’s benefits and opportunities so much that she recruited all of her kids to work at the company.

Let’s wind back the clock. In 1993 when Jo Ann was homeschooling her children and looking for a great part-time job, her sister-in-law suggested UPS.

Once hired, Jo Ann got the same healthcare benefits as UPS’s full-time union employees. Translation: no premiums, no co-insurance and low co-pays.

“Kids are expensive, and I have nine,” she said. “Without the benefits of UPS, it would have been difficult.”

Low-cost college, courtesy of UPS: Thanks to UPS tuition assistance, Jo Ann finished her business degree and started a legacy of scholarship in the Johnson family. As the years went by, all nine of her children would work for UPS. Six of them are still with the company today.

And remember that tuition assistance? Because all of her children came on board, each one got $5,250 per year for college expenses, with no course restrictions.

The result – two future psychologists, a marketing major, a business major, a social worker and an artist.

All in the family: Jo Ann’s daughters Danielle and Ashley wanted to build a career at UPS after graduation, just like mom. With UPS’s tradition of promoting from within, the sisters worked their way from part-time jobs to management positions.

"You always wonder how your kids are growing," she says. "Then you hear one of them in a leadership role at work, and you say, 'Is that my daughter?' She's all grown up.”

UPS has one of the strongest and longest-standing promotion-from-within cultures in America, with 55% of UPS’s management team promoted from union positions.

Shared legacies: When Jo Ann started working at UPS 30 years ago, there was no way she could predict how the company would shape her life and the lives of her children.

"UPS's legacy has really become our legacy,” she said.

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