UPS is improving careers and access to opportunity with the help of AI

See how tech breaks down language barriers in our facilities … and in real time
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Talk the talk: At UPS, we’re obsessed with finding new ways to boost the experiences of our customers and our people. Today, we’re leveraging artificial intelligence through our Languages Across Logistics (LAL) platform to break down language barriers and welcome UPSers no matter where they’re from – and in any language.

Watch 20 different languages become one UPS voice with AI translations: 


“The bot tells you how many items to pack, and when you miss something, he tells you how to do it,” said warehouse employee Zahra Bouye. “I say he, because he’s like a co-worker.”

How does it work? The technology in our facilities understands more than 20 languages, letting our best people work side by side – no matter where they’re from. To date, the program has supported the hiring of employees across 20 countries, doubling down on our commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce.

“With the support of the LAL team, we’ve filled needed roles in multiple facilities with diverse candidates,” said UPS President, Global Logistics and Distribution Steve Gundlach. “The multi-language technology speeds up training so that new employees can get right to work, even if the supervisor speaks a different language.”

LAL is just one example of how we’re transforming our business and industry with tools that build better experiences.

UPS jobs are getting safer and easier thanks to innovative solutions. As we enhance our operations with the latest technologies, we do so with an eye toward improving our employees’ day-to-day experience,” said Supply Chain Solutions HR Business Partner Vice President Denise Foster.

Did you know? More than 500,000 UPSers around the world are delivering what matters every single day. Check out more examples of how we’re innovating for our people and our customers:

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