5 ways the new UPS Velocity facility orchestrates industry-leading service with help of AI and automation

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Cut the ribbon: UPS Supply Chain Solutions just introduced the new state-of-the-art UPS Velocity facility to the world. Featuring smart automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence, UPS Velocity will boost the unbeatable service that UPS is known for, linked to the heart and dedication of our people.

Here are five ways UPS Velocity will change our customers’ experience for the better:

1. This is what industry-leading looks like:


UPS Velocity has over 700 bots in operation – a number we plan to triple across our network in the next year. Goods-to-person technology uses AI to arrange space for optimal speed and can even pick up inventory. ​And rack-to-person technology, developed by Geek+, optimizes storage by 30% compared to facilities without the tech.

As our friends at Geek+ say, “We believe the best working experience is one where machines do the heavy lifting and people do the problem solving.”

2.  A blueprint for the future of e-commerce: UPS Velocity is now one of our largest and most technologically advanced facilities. With the e-commerce market predicted to grow at 11.9% over the next five years, UPS Velocity is built to deliver on that demand now and into the future.

3.  It’s about you: UPS Velocity gives us the ability to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently to meet our customers’ expectations. With the help of skilled team members, UPS Velocity can process over 350,000 items per daysignificantly more than a non-automated warehouse.

The facility joins a global UPS network of over 1,000 distribution centers, connecting you to over 200 countries around the world.

4.  And it’s about our people: UPS Velocity is staffed with the help of our Languages Across Logistics program. The technology in the facility understands more than 20 languages, letting our best people work side by side – no matter where they come from. To date, the program has supported the hiring of dozens of employees from across 20 countries, doubling down on our commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce.

“The multi-language technology [at UPS Velocity] streamlines training and improves the employee experience, allowing our people to work in their preferred language, even if the supervisor speaks a completely different language,” said Steve Gundlach, president of UPS Supply Chain Solutions Global Logistics and Distribution.

5.  We take service seriously: We also unveiled UPS Supply Chain Symphony, giving customers around the world a unified data platform that directly connects them to the supply chain.

Real-time data and insights generated by Symphony allow our customers to make critical decisions faster. Read more on how we’re changing the game.

Are you ready for the future? Get started with UPS and see what industry-leading service looks like.

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