UPS’s DeliveryDefense pits AI against criminals

Don't let porch pirates be the villains in your business story
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­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­As online shopping continues to grow, so does the risk of shipment loss. According to Forbes, in the U.S. alone 79% of Americans had packages stolen from their homes in 2022.

Swiper, no swiping: To combat package theft, UPS created DeliveryDefense AI software designed to tackle the growing problem of shipment loss.

UPS’s AI and machine learning technology look at unique attributes such as location, loss frequency, returns volume and delivery attempts – then groups them based on similarities. The technology predicts the likelihood of a successful delivery.

This innovative approach helps UPS offer unmatched reliability to make your shipping experience smarter, not harder.

All that glitters is gold: Gold and silver dealer Texas Precious Metals ships a lot of valuables during the holiday season – making security a huge priority for them and their customers.

“DeliveryDefense helps us identify addresses that are likely targets for porch piracy,” said Tarek Saab, president and co-founder of Texas Precious Metals. “We ship a lot of gifts this time of year, every package is very special to the person receiving it.”

We got your back: The technology allows shippers and their customers to reroute at-risk shipments to The UPS Store or UPS Access Point, giving them alternatives to ensure smooth deliveries and a great customer experience. The solution can also be built into a customer’s ordering platform to improve their delivery outcomes.

It’s computers versus criminals. We have to use every tech capability we have to circumvent any challenges we may run into,” said Tarek.

Check out CBS’s coverage of DeliveryDefense and discover how UPS is delivering a knockout punch to package theft.

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