Woodworking company’s export business booms with help from UPS

Rockler found that improving its online checkout made all the difference
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Chipping away: Cross-border trade can get tricky. Just ask Minnesota-based woodworking company Rockler. When it started shipping internationally, their team soon became overwhelmed with the challenges that come with exporting. And that's why they reached out to UPS for help.

“We realized that [exporting] is complex and time-consuming,” said Pete Diwi, senior director of distribution and logistics at Rockler. “With over 15,000 products, we were worried about being compliant with all the import and export regulations, as well as the duties and taxes.”

Knock on wood: The Rockler team needed help solving pain points during online checkout, where international customers were frustrated by confusing costs. And UPS Ready Business Solutions changed the game. Rockler found a match with UPS Ready provider Zonos, whose software brought together Rockler’s products and UPS shipping tech for seamless transactions

Customers now had an easy way to pay for duties and taxes. The improved shopping and shipping experience made an immediate difference, with online sales increasing by 35% in just two months!

“We’re now able to fulfill [international] orders just like any other domestic package. And thanks to the fast UPS delivery options, our customers are routinely pleased with how quickly they get their order, with no surprise fees,” Pete said. 

Whether you’re shipping from Dublin to Delhi, Seattle to Seoul, or Minnesota to Montreal, doing business with UPS is easy – and we make it even easier for your customers to do business with you. 

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