Welcome to the next generation of brokerage services ... and easy international shipping with UPS

Learn how cross-border deliveries can be simple for small businesses
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Let’s unpack: What are brokerage services anyway? When stuff gets shipped internationally, there are a lot of rules and regulations that need to be followed. This can be a headache for small businesses that may not have the resources or expertise to dig through all the paperwork and requirements.

That's where UPS’s next generation of brokerage services come in. They’re technology-driven solutions that make it easier and faster to get packages to their final destination. And now businesses can focus more on what matters … running the business!

“With UPS, importing and exporting can be as simple as shipping domestically,” said Chris Rubio, UPS head of customs brokerage strategy. “Cross-border e-commerce is expected to soon surpass $1 trillion, and opportunity for small businesses to export is clear.”

Level up! Get to know our two new brokerage-tech services:

  • UPS Export Assure can generate product descriptions for you – a big deal when you consider that getting these descriptions right can VASTLY decrease the possibility for delays.
  • UPS Paperless Invoice allows customers to submit trade and customs documentation electronically, resulting in less manual processing and fewer customs holds. It also removes millions of pieces of paper from the shipping process.

These brokerage-tech solutions not only help packages clear customs faster, they can also save money. UPS online shipping tools help navigate the ins and outs of customs duties, taxes, trade agreements and duty-free thresholds.

AI helps ship to the EU: Our AI-powered shipping assistant makes exporting to the European Union easier with automatically generated Harmonized System (HS) codes. And the tool is built for ICS2 – the EU's new advanced cargo information system – which cuts down errors and saves time.

Ready to start exporting? Start with our International Shipping guide.

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