5 UPS part-timers you need to meet

How part-time work and full-time benefits are the best of both worlds at UPS
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With great pay, unbeatable benefits and work schedules that can fit your lifestyle, UPS is the place where you can find professional success while pursuing your creative passions.

Just ask our people!

Check out these five stories highlighting part-time UPS employees we don’t want you to miss:

Part-time UPS employee smiling and carrying boxes while wearing a baseball cap.

How Steve built a lasting career as a part-time UPS package handler through great benefits and job security … AND co-founded his own company.

“The paycheck is nice, but the insurance and benefits are second to none. If you want to go back to school, start your own gig, your own business, your own adventure, your own career… UPS provides that opportunity.”

Part-time UPS employee smiling and standing with crossed arms and wearing a safety vest.

How Roger serves his country, teaches the next generation, and has earned multiple graduate degrees ... all with 25+ years as a UPS part-time pre-loader

“I usually say I just do a few things that I love doing. If you have that mindset that you can accomplish anything – it’s too easy!”

Part-time UPS employee smiling in front of a plaque with the UPS logo.

How Jeanette took a part-time job at UPS to go from houseless to financially stable AND became a star employee.

“With UPS, you can work your way up to any position – you’ve just got to want it. And I want everything I can get.”

Part-time UPS employee in a warehouse lifting a packing bag.

How Jason works a part-time UPS job that lets him spend less money on medical bills … and more time with family

“I get the same medical benefits as a full-timer, and I work part time, 15 hours a week, maybe 20 at the most. To not worry about having to go to the doctor and having an outrageous bill – that’s a big deal.”

Part-time UPS employee standing in her package truck and flexing her arms.

How Sarah brings her authentic self to UPS every day … while encouraging her coworkers to prioritize their wellness

“As a woman, as a gay person, as an Asian, an inclusive environment is important to me. All my co-workers are great. UPS has a zero-tolerance policy on discrimination. If you can do the job, you’re part of the family.”

Did you know?

  • Part-time UPS employees get the exact same healthcare benefits as full-time employees – with no premiums, no co-insurance and low co-pays.
  • With most companies not offering benefits to part-timers, UPS remains one of the few companies where part-time employees receive pension contributions.
  • Part-time employees at UPS are also eligible for up to $25,000 in tuition reimbursement through the UPS Earn & Learn program.  
  • SHRM’s recent study on part-time work found 85% of participants said working part-time was their preferred choice. That’s compared to only 15% who said they would prefer full-time employment.