Job flexibility with UPS helps part-time package handler with a Ph.D. do it all

Roger Campbell serves his country, teaches the next generation and delivers what matters
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Roger Campbell starts work at UPS around 4 a.m. as a part-time preloader and has a busy day ahead – but that’s not going to stop him. It never does.

Master of the universe: Roger has been with UPS for over 25 years. With the flexibility of his position and UPS’s support of higher education, he’s accomplished some amazing things. In that time, he’s completed two bachelor's degrees, two master's degrees … and a Ph.D.

And that’s not all: Since 1996, Roger has also proudly served in the U.S. Army Reserve as a sergeant major. And he passes some of that discipline and experience to others by teaching college-level swimming courses and English as a second language at East Orange Campus High School in New Jersey.

Did you know UPS works closely with veterans to build careers and support their next challenge? Learn more here.

“I don't have a job or jobs. I have activities. I love that word and I've explained many times why I choose to say activities,” Roger said. “So, I usually say I do a few things that I love doing. If you have that mindset that you can accomplish anything.”

See Roger in action here:


Roger loves working for UPS, where he finds stability as well as the pay and benefits that fuel his passions. Passions that not only energize him but also provide growth for the people in his life and his community.

One UPS co-worker puts it like this: “There’s only 24 hours in a day, and I think Roger does 25 and a quarter.”

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