Sarah Osowski brings her authentic self to work – every day

‘When I come to UPS, I’m working on my future, I’m working on myself’
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When Sarah Osowski applied for a job as a UPS package handler in West Chester, Pennsylvania, she didn’t know what to expect. She was immediately met with an inclusive and supportive culture – which was top priority for Sarah.

“As a woman, as a gay person, as an Asian, an inclusive environment is important to me,” Sarah said. “All my co-workers are great. UPS has a zero-tolerance policy on discrimination. If you can do the job, you’re part of the family.”

Sarah belongs: At UPS, we foster an inclusive culture, knowing employees are at their best when they feel genuinely supported by their co-workers and leaders.

Today, underrepresented groups make up nearly 53% of U.S. employees, and about 25% of UPS’s global workforce are women – setting our company apart from other organizations around the world. We embrace diverse viewpoints, identities and life experiences of all employees.

Walking the walk: As a mentor for new employees, Sarah also urges her coworkers to prioritize their wellness and take advantage of the tools and resources UPS offers.

“The benefits can’t be beat,” Sarah said. “When the time comes, UPS will even cover my domestic partner, which is huge because a lot of companies aren’t as inclusive as they claim to be.”

Did you know? UPS sponsors year-round initiatives to promote diversity, equity and inclusion, like our 180+ Business Resource Groups, UPS Ignite and Proudly Unstoppable programs including our latest installment spotlighting Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI)-owned small and medium-sized businesses.

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