Global e-commerce is next step for bold Spanish shoe brand

UPS helped make international shipping a business reality
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First step: Spain-based Chie Mihara’s unique and bold approach to both design and business meant they were early adopters of a direct-to-consumer online strategy. Shoe-lovers around the world can fill their closets thanks to UPS.

Watch the video to see how this small business in Spain became a global success story.

‘When we first started selling online, we only shipped to Spain’, says María Elías, business development manager at Chie Mihara. ‘But it became clear that our international customers also wanted the convenience of having their shoes delivered right to their door. UPS allowed us to ship internationally soon after establishing our online store.’

Go deeper: Small businesses around the world are growing with the help of UPS. Our network and expertise allow small businesses to do more. Find more information here if you are interested in following in Chie Mihara’s footsteps.


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