Future leaders: women in operations

New training programs prepare for career growth with UPS
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What’s the story: This summer, 85 women in part-time management jobs are in new training programs designed to help attract and retain women in operations roles. 

Why it matters: “Diversifying leadership in our operations gives us more well-rounded, equipped teams,” said Nichole Curtis, a package operations supervisor. “People have different expectations from their leadership than they did 20-30 years ago, and you need people with different life experiences and views to get that.” 

It’s about LEADers: The LEAD program is a specialized 11-week training that gives up-and-comers in part-time management the job skills and mentor-guided support needed to grow into great UPS careers. The accelerated learning program includes a wide range of topics, from providing world-class service and driver training at our industry-leading Integrad facilities to maintaining a safe workplace – all meant to empower successful operational leaders of the future.

While local chapters of our Women in Operations Business Resource Group encourage women to participate, the program is inclusive and open to all part-time supervisors and high performers with long-term career aspirations at UPS.

“It’s been incredible to watch these [trainees] grow from their first day to their graduation day,” said Alexandra Suliscalleja, UPS West Region vice president of operations.

This group of trainees enters the program just weeks after a successful pilot in the UPS South California District where eight trainees graduated and two have already earned promotions to full-time career positions.

“We’re just in the beginning, and there’s a lot of support and collaboration happening,” said Elizabeth Hesting, Delta Coast Territory vice president. “The entire transportation industry is recruiting more women, and we're determined to keep that talent at UPS.”

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