UPS reshuffles warehouse space for Wall Street Greetings and relieves growing pains

Greeting card company leans on UPS consulting services to reorganize and grow sales
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Bring it on: Wall Street Greetings – a maker of custom corporate greeting cards – is well prepared to tackle any surge in orders any time of the year, thanks in part to UPS.

But it wasn’t long ago when retail sales began outpacing the capacity of the company’s two facilities. The small business was running out of inventory space, putting a strain on production and fulfillment.  

“Tracking inventory was difficult across the two locations, and we were wasting time and effort moving products between the offices,” said Mary Ellen Harden, president of Wall Street Greetings. “We needed to focus on how best to maximize efficiency.”

That’s when Mary Ellen reached out to UPS Customer Solutions for help.

Time for a makeover: At UPS, we’re no stranger to going above and beyond. And that’s exactly what our engineers did for Wall Street Greetings when evaluating the company’s existing warehouse space.

The lead UPS engineer on the project – genuinely cared about our employees and our business, taking time to listen and talking with key members of our production team,” Mary Ellen said. “We developed a strong trust in his recommendations for our business.”

The team helped them redesign the facility by consolidating two buildings into one and mapping out ways to reduce delays and improve product flow. These changes increased space capacity by 38%.

Since working with UPS, Wall Street Greetings sales have increased by 25%. Recently, the company celebrated its first million-dollar revenue month!     

But wait – there’s more: Wall Street Greetings received a $10,000 grant as part of the UPS Ignite program that provides diverse entrepreneurs access to the resources and tools they need to help grow their business.

Learn how UPS Customer Solutions has helped other small businesses grow.

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