UPS reimagines warehouse space and spurs growth for small business

FORTPRO doubles inventory capacity
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When FORTPRO, a worldwide distributor of truck and trailer parts, saw a huge surge in online sales, there was just one problem – their warehouses were filled to the brim with inventory.

“We were in growth mode; all of the aisles of our warehouse were blocked,” said Marlon Romero, an export manager at FORTPRO. When it seemed that FORTPRO’s only option was to find a bigger warehouse, UPS offered to find ways that maximize space within the company’s existing facilities.

Mind over motor: Our team of experts at UPS Customer Solutions got to work right away, reimagining FORTPRO’s warehouse space and improving storage capacity. The result? Room in the existing warehouse for twice the inventory!

Shuffled, stacked and sorted: The plan also focused on product flow in the warehouse, storage rack positioning and ways to streamline facility operations. The changes helped improve FORTPRO’s product fulfillment processes and increase efficiency.

Thanks to UPS, we’ve been able to keep growing our inventory and our revenues without having to move out of our current facility,” Marlon said.

From enhancing the layout of a warehouse to evaluating processes, the experts at UPS save companies time, money and resources.

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