Glenda Alexander shows what it means to take control of your career at UPS

'I never imagined making history’
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A pioneer: There have been many milestones in Glenda Alexander’s 45-year career with UPS.

Starting off as a part-time package handler, she never thought she would become the first Black woman driver at her Jacksonville facility. After 30 years of safe driving, she’s sharing her experiences with new hires and encouraging them to take control of UPS’s many career opportunities – just how she did!

Oh, and did we mention? Her son and niece are following in her footsteps. “I'm very proud of my mom. She's my role model,” said son and part-time UPS supervisor Deonzelow Watson.

In her own words: “The pay is good. The benefits are tremendous. I've never planned on retirement. Working for UPS, I think is the best decision I have made in my life. I may stay until I hit 50 years. It'll be an easy thing to do.”

Glenda is an inspiration for women considering careers with UPS – plain and simple. See how she’s motivating the next generation:


Did you know? UPS has one of the strongest and longest-standing promote-from-within cultures in America. In 2022, more than 10,000 part-time employees advanced to full-time roles in the U.S.

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