Essential to the economy, essential to Americans

UPS moves critical supplies every day
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Transporting 5% of the U.S. GDP each day is no small task. And UPS delivers $3.8 billion of essential supplies every single day. Individuals, businesses and industries depend on UPS for delivery of a wide range of goods vital to the economy.

Moving our world forward by delivering what matters

For example, millions of Americans depend on UPS for the delivery of critical health care supplies like medication, medical devices, cancer screening tests, baby formula, donated breast milk and specialty pharmaceuticals, which can save and extend patients’ lives. 

Businesses rely on UPS to serve their customers and keep operations running smoothly. Nearly 4 million small- and medium-sized businesses in the U.S. work with UPS every year.

Meanwhile, industries expect UPS to deliver critical infrastructure items like semiconductor chips and machinery. Timely delivery of these items means that the agricultural, construction and telecommunications industries, among others, can conduct their vital work each and every day.

And as our employees deliver what matters to you, we deliver what matters to our employees. We know they are the best in the business. With full healthcare, a pension, tuition assistance and paid time off, our union employees receive the best pay and benefits in the industry. To learn more, read our Jobs & Opportunity Report.

UPS is essential to the economy – and essential to the lives of millions of Americans and businesses.

Did you know?

  • UPS moved around 20 million packages each day in 2022.
  • UPS’s part-time and full-time union employees earn industry-leading pay and benefits.
  • UPS added 72,000 new Teamsters jobs from August 2021 to February 2022, a growth rate of 25%.

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