Las devoluciones son más fáciles con UPS

Sometimes online orders just need to go back – UPS makes returns fast and convenient
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Returning something you bought online used to be a big headache – but not anymore. Here are three ways you can easily return something with UPS:

No label, no box … no problem? The UPS Store can help 📦

You can drop off your Amazon returns all at once and The UPS Store will pack multiple returns in the same box. If you use Happy Returns, you can bring those items to The UPS Store since Happy Returns is now a UPS company. The UPS Store has a location within 10 miles of nearly 90% of American households.  Find a location near you.

Drop your return at the nearest UPS Access Point® location 🗺📍

UPS cuenta con 197.000 puntos de entrada en su red mundial, que incluyen los centros de atención al cliente UPS, las tiendas The UPS Store, los buzones UPS y las ubicaciones UPS Access Point. Tan solo en EE. UU. hay más de 60.000 ubicaciones de centros de envío UPS Access Point, como las tiendas CVS y Advance Auto Parts. Find a location near you.

Just hand it off or we’ll come to you 🚚 

If your shipment is all set, all you have to do is hand the UPS labeled package to your friendly neighborhood driver. Or for a small fee, UPS will come to you – simply schedule a pickup🕑. 

Sustainability bonus: If you’re shipping your own return, select UPS carbon neutral when you pay to offset the carbon footprint of your shipment ♻.

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