UPS takes action to support emerging filmmakers

Partnering with The Black List to help underrepresented creators tell their stories
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What’s new: There are so many great stories waiting to be told … especially those by underrepresented filmmakers. That’s why UPS and The Black List are joining forces to introduce the Be Unstoppable Film Project.

How it works: Together, UPS and The Black List will provide two diverse filmmakers from underrepresented communities with $100,000 each – plus resources, time and expertise – to bring their films to life. Completed films will be submitted to film festivals in 2023 for recognition.

Why it matters: Small businesses – from local restaurants providing craft services to independent artisans creating costumes – are the backbone of filmmaking. Selected filmmakers will work closely with diverse small businesses at every stage of the production process.

The background: The U.S. motion picture and television industry includes nearly 111,000 businesses, with 89% of them employing fewer than 10 people. Helping these businesses succeed in the film industry is another example of UPS’s commitment to supporting the growth of diverse small business owners.

Other ways UPS is helping:

  • Proudly Unstoppable launched in 2021, offering grants and championing underrepresented small business communities (AAPI, Black, LatinX, LGBTQ+, women).
  • UPS Ignite is designed to help under-funded small business founders gain access to knowledge, capital and networks.
  • UPS’s sponsorship of cultural events including ComplexCon, New York Fashion Week and ComplexLand, all focused on supporting diverse entrepreneurs and designers.
  • To date, UPS has donated more than $1M in grants to diverse-owned businesses through the Proudly Unstoppable campaign and partnerships with New York Fashion Week and Complex Networks.

Go Deeper: Learn more about the project, submission details and how UPS is helping new voices Be Unstoppable

Check out the story Vanity Fair covered about the partnership featuring UPS EVP & Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Warren.

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