Get with the winning team: How to get started with UPS and grow your business

Don’t take our word for it – hear it from our customers
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Let’s make it easy: Want to find out how to get started with UPS? We can help your business grow no matter the size – from startup all the way to Fortune 500.

Read how these customers and countless others easily started shipping with UPS as well as the success stories that come with a winning partnership rooted in industry-leading service::

  • "Everything changed after I saw a UPS promotion on Facebook. I connected with a sales representative who showed me how to be an exporter." When UPS stepped in for Mexico-based handcraft maker Papel Picado Fiesta Mexicana, founder Leidy Soto proudly reported doubling her revenue in less than a year.
  • “Our global retail network saw triple digit growth over the years, expanding to new markets in Europe, Asia and America,” said Elena Marocchi from Italian fashion house PINKO’s e-commerce team. “The UPS network and quality of service was a pillar of this growth, reducing the challenges of entering into new markets.” A mainstay in Italy, PINKO worked with UPS to deliver their styles to the world.
  • Looking for a partner you can trust to deliver the best service? Lisa Li, founder of the Qi, found one in UPS. “We can always count on UPS for the best customer service. Our UPS guy is like a part of our own operations team… truly, I bake him cookies almost weekly!”
  • U.S.-based exercise equipment company YBell doubled its sales … yes, like x2 … with a little help from our on-demand warehousing subsidiary, Ware2Go, and our speedy network. "With Ware2Go and UPS managing our order fulfillment, we feel confident that this holiday season will be even more successful," said YBell Vice President of Worldwide Sales Mark Livingston.
  • Need sustainable solutions? UPS and Ware2Go  worked with Palouse Brand to quickly scale up their operations for their family-owned farm, speeding up delivery times for customers and decreasing their carbon footprint. “Products can now be quickly picked up from our facility in Washington state, get processed and be ready to sell. My customers get one to two-day shipping all the time,” said CEO Sara Mader.
  • Jenson USA, a one-stop shop for cycling enthusiasts, partnered with UPS to introduce weekend delivery, which covers approximately 92% of the U.S. population. “A bike part that ships out quickly and arrives on time means someone is able to compete in that weekend race, get out and ride with family and friends, or simply pedal for some alone time with Mother Earth,” said Sri Reddi, vice president of operations.

The proof is in the shipping: UPS is nationally recognized as an industry leader for its trust and reliability. 

  • ShipMatrix named UPS the most reliable on-time performance delivery company.   
  • Newsweek ranked UPS first in the Transport, Logistics & Packaging industry category on its Most Trustworthy Companies in America list.    
  • Fast Company named UPS one of the most innovative companies of 2023.  
  • Fortune named UPS one of the world’s admired companies for yet another year.  

Did one of the customers above inspire you? Ready to get started with UPS? Schedule a virtual consultation today.

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