Loxone and UPS grow exports with reliability as the cornerstone

See how we built a foundation that grew exports from 30% to 80%, reaching more than 120 countries
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What’s the story: Loxone offers automation that takes smart homes and offices to the next level – think lighting, energy, security and more. With plans to grow internationally, the Austria-based company needed a logistics partner whose global reach is both trusted and reliable … enter UPS.

“It's no use producing and developing products, no matter how good they are, if we can’t get that to the customer intact in a reasonable amount of time,” said Thomas Hellauer, the head of supply chain management at Loxone.

Built for growth: UPS’s global network, fast delivery service and tailored solutions keep Loxone's products on track and intact – freeing the team to focus on growth.

Loxone promises nothing less than the best service in the industry. “That’s only possible with a strong partner like UPS, who is strongly represented where we deliver and who takes care of everything,” said Thomas.

With its technology in a quarter of all newly built houses in Austria, Loxone focused on exports. Since teaming up with UPS, exports have grown from 30% to an impressive 80% – reaching more than 120 countries.

Watch how we’re helping Loxone grow.

Here's how to ship internationally.

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