A look at UPS’s Sustainability Action Plan

Moving our world forward, tracking 20 years of progress
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What’s the story: UPS doesn’t just deliver packages, we deliver good in the world … and we have the plan to back it up. The steps we have taken to advance our sustainability goals are reflected in our twentieth edition, 2021 UPS Corporate Sustainability Reports.

Our roadmap – including achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 and improving the well-being of 1 billion lives by 2040 – is provided in detail for everyone to see.

Why it matters: Doing good in the world is also good for business. Check out the 2021 ESG highlights brochure and the 2021 Social Impact Report to learn more about what we’ve accomplished and where we’re headed.

As a reminder, we’re:

  • Committed to reducing our carbon footprint. We’re adding hundreds of custom-built electric vehicles to our global ground network, piloting new technologies like eVToL aircraft in the U.S., and working to bring more sustainable aviation fuel to market – all critical steps to reaching our carbon neutrality goal. 
  • Committed to people. We’re fostering a culture where equity, transparency, courage, authenticity and a sense of belonging are the norm … in our workplace, with our customers and suppliers and in the communities we serve.
  • Committed to our customers. We continue to support women- and diverse-owned small business initiatives like the Women Exporters Program, Proudly Unstoppable and the Green Exporters Program.
  • Committed to communities. We will keep delivering social impact through our charitable giving, delivering HELP where it’s needed most, focused on Health and humanitarian relief, Equity and economic empowerment, Local engagement through volunteerism and Planet protection. An important commitment to support our engagement in the communities we serve includes UPSers volunteering 30M hours by 2030.
  • Committed to the planet. We’re dedicated to help offset carbon by planting 50M trees by 2030, in addition to supporting research and development efforts to foster green innovations in the transportation and logistics sector.

Click here to learn more about UPS’s sustainability journey.

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