UPS is supporting a greener supply chain

Sustainability-focused program connects small businesses to the world
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What’s new: UPS, the International Chamber of Commerce and GIST Impact have joined forces to support small and medium businesses (SMBs) all around the world to accelerate their sustainability transition through enhancing UPS’s Green Exporters Program (GEP).

Since launching in 2022, GEP has trained over 160 business to improve supply chain and boost their access to new markets for sustainable products across Mexico and UK, with plans to expand in Latin America and Asia later this year.

Going green made easy: Together with GIST Impact's cutting-edge methodology and ICC's global experience and knowledge, the team created SME360X, a free, easy-to-use technology for SMBs to measure their environmental impact. This comprehensive dashboard provides industry benchmarking, insights, recommendations, scientific and economic modeling capabilities to fill data gaps, and ICC Certification for companies who complete the different stages in the environmental impact assessment journey.

Customers care about sustainability, and so does UPS,” said Erik Churchill, VP of International Public Affairs. “By using UPS’s scale, expertise and our public-private partners, we are delivering solutions for businesses so they can play a part in helping countries reach their climate goals.”

Why it matters: UPS is at the center of global trade with a reach that extends to more than 220 countries and territories. Getting these green goods to new markets can be tricky, but UPS is there to help businesses navigate the process to access this $150 billion market. To learn more about how UPS is showing up for our customers, suppliers and communities, check out UPS’s latest Sustainability Report and the 2023 Green Exporters Program Highlights Brochure.

The big picture: In addition to GEP, UPS helps small and medium businesses engage in trade through its Women Exporters Program. The program helps women around the world overcome barriers to trade.

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