Emmanuel Wameni 在 UPS 的幫助下完成學業並供養家庭

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Emmanuel Wameni 在非洲喀麥隆長大。懷著繼續接受教育的夢想,他做出了艱難的決定,離開家人與朋友前來美國。

在抵達馬里蘭州蘭多弗後,他在第一份工作場所的街對面看見了 UPS 的標誌性棕色送貨卡車。這一偶然的機會讓他發現了一個能夠為他的夢想添磚加瓦的職業。了解 Emmanuel 和 UPS 如何成為夢幻拍檔:


「我來美國是為了能夠供養我在非洲的家人,」Emmanuel 說。「UPS 幫我賺了很多錢,並讓我有機會過上更好的生活。」 

Emmanuel is grateful to UPS for giving him an opportunity to grow as well as help pay for his education. UPS’s part-time tuition reimbursement program Earn & Learn offers up to $25,000 for college tuition and expenses, and most part-time employees are eligible for this program from the day they are hired. UPS invested $30 million in education assistance programs in 2021 alone.


  • UPS 的管理隊伍目前有 18,000 名員工是從工會職位提拔入管理層。
  • Part-time employees at UPS earn an average of $20 per hour after 30 days.


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