The UPS Foundation’s 2022 Social Impact Report

I am proud to say that with every effort undertaken by the Foundation, we are changing lives and delivering what matters by using our best assets to educate and inspire the change we want to see.

Nikki Clifton, Pres. Social Impact

Creating a More Equitable and Just World

Our Commitment

Thanks to our collaborative partnerships and incredible employees, we are serving the communities where we live and work, and creating a better tomorrow.

  • Healthy communities

  • Equity

  • Volunteerism

  • Sustainable planet

Health & Humanitarian Relief

Leveraging our partnerships and innovative logistical expertise to deliver health and humanitarian solutions to underserved and impacted communities.

  • 45

  • More than 2,000

  • More than 100,000

  • More than 50 million

Showing up when disasters and crises strike

Showing up when disasters and crises strike

UPS is stepping up to provide relief by supporting the rebuilding of the communities affected by disasters and global crises

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Equity & Economic Empowerment

Investing in organisations that address systemic education barriers and creating economic opportunities for underserved and underrepresented women, youth and marginalised communities.

  • More than 107,000

  • $1.8 million

  • More than 50,000

  • More than $2.4 million

Putting equity at the heart of entrepreneurship and education

Putting equity at the heart of entrepreneurship and education

Our partnership with Russell Innovation Centre for Entrepreneurs champions the success of Black entrepreneurs and the communities they serve

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Local Community Engagement

Empowering people to inspire and mobilise volunteers and organisations to deliver systemic and positive impact in their local communities.

  • 25,700,000

  • More than 529,000

  • 2,000,000

2022 Jim Casey Community Service Award winner

2022 Jim Casey Community Service Award winner

The Jim Casey Community Service Award is one way UPS recognises employees who demonstrate an exceptional commitment to giving back to their community

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Planet Protection

Fostering a greener and more sustainable world.

  • 28,000,000

  • 5,000

  • 6.9%

  • 3,300,000,000

Supporting UPS’ road map toward carbon neutrality

Supporting UPS’ road map toward carbon neutrality

For nearly a decade, The UPS Foundation has funded the World Resources Institute’s clean fuel research which clarifies UPS’s decarbonisation strategy

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Service is in our DNA

While our customers depend on the most reliable, on-time service in the industry, UPS does not just deliver parcels – we deliver good in the world. Since 1951, The UPS Foundation has returned more than $3B to communities where we live and serve. Our mission is to deliver pathways to create resilient, just and safe communities by focusing on four areas: Health and Humanitarian Relief; Equity and Economic Empowerment; Local Community Engagement and Planet Protection.

Thanks to our more than 500,000 UPSers around the world, we are delivering what matters for our communities and the environment. Together, with our customers, suppliers, public-private partners and our people, we can create a more sustainable, resilient and inclusive world.

Laura Lane, Chief Corp. Affairs Officer
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