UPS delivers careers


A great career is more than a job, it is life changing.

UPS is one of the few places where anyone can grow a great hourly job with benefits like healthcare and tuition assistance into a lifelong career.

A career in numbers

  • 14,000

  • $42

  • 72,000

  • $25,000

Small package delivery drivers

UPS full-time small package delivery drivers receive an average total compensation package of $145,000 per year. That includes $0 healthcare premiums, up to seven weeks of paid annual leave, plus paid time off for holidays, sick leave and option days. UPS also makes contributions to a defined-benefit pension plan for each employee. 




Long-haul drivers

Our long-haul team drivers average $172,000 per year in total compensation. UPS pays $0.95 per mile after four years, nearly double the trucking industry average. This pay is in addition to the same industry-leading healthcare, paid time off, annual leave, holidays, sick leave and pension contributions as our full-time small package delivery drivers.




Local articulated lorry drivers

Our local articulated lorry 'feeder' drivers average $162,000 per year in total compensation, which includes $0 healthcare premiums, paid time off for annual leave, state holidays, sick leave and option days. UPS also makes contributions to a defined-benefit pension plan for each employee.




Part-time operations employees

Part-time operations employees earn $20 an hour on average after 30 days. These part-time jobs have consistent hours and come with the great benefits we offer our full-time employees, including $0 healthcare premiums. Part-time employees also receive paid annual leave and holidays, tuition benefits for most, and contributions to a defined-benefit pension plan.




Strength in numbers

What separates a job from a career? Upward mobility. For more than 100 years, UPS has been working with the Teamsters to meet the needs of employees, customers, and the communities where we live and work. That means making sure we are providing one of the best compensation packages in the industry. And that we are providing a path for our employees to grow, earn a good income and succeed.

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