Floods don't wash away hope

The UPS Foundation delivers for community recovery in South Africa
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What happened: Earlier this year, flooding and landslides in South Africa left more than 480 people dead, over 40,000 people displaced and nearly 4,000 houses destroyed. On top of all that, many roads and bridges were damaged making accessibility to the area a challenge.

How did we help: The UPS Foundation has been working together with local non-profit, Raising Giants. The two organizations focused on supporting the recovery and reconstruction efforts by:

  • Volunteering and delivering essential equipment to Pinetown Old Age Home 
  • Donating food parcels and blankets to community members who lost their homes
  • Providing funds to a farming community coping with food shortages
  • Ensuring education continuity for university students from affected areas through financial and resource assistance

Why it matters: “Humanitarian work is a process, not an event, that can only bear fruit with committed partners like UPS,” said Thelma Ngcobo of Raising Giants. “Creating resilient and safe communities, supporting children on their journey to get a good education, and getting people’s basic needs met after a disaster like this are all shared goals, we have in common with The UPS Foundation.”

In her own words: UPS South Africa HR supervisor Portia Motloung made the connection after volunteering with Raising Giants in the past. “This is our purpose in action – how we are moving our world forward by delivering what matters,” said Portia. “We are empowered by our leaders to inspire, collaborate and deliver for all.”

Dive deeper: UPS doesn’t just deliver packages, we deliver good in the world and we have the plan to back it up. The steps we have taken to advance our sustainability and social impact goals are reflected in 2021 UPS Corporate Sustainability Reports

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