All in the family … of UPS drivers

Father passes commitment to safe driving down to his kids
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What’s new: UPS tractor trailer driver Richie Guess has competed in the National Truck Driving Championships more times than he can remember. As a member of the prestigious Circle of Honor with 31 years of accident-free driving, he's placed first in the Oklahoma state championship four times

Why it matters: Richie’s two children, Tiffany and Cory, are now UPS drivers, too! Watch their story in this inspiring video. 

Continuing a tradition: Like their dad, Tiffany and Cory have started competing in the National Truck Driving Championships. On Saturdays leading up to the event, Richie shares tips on the written exam, navigating the nuances of the driving course and the importance of keeping your head in the game

I teach them what I know and tell them to calm their nerves and take their time,” said Richie. “They have a natural talent and do real well. It’s kind of emotional for me.” 

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