Flightless birds land safely at world expo in Dubai

UPS proudly presents plastic penguins to Portugal pavilion
PortugalPenguin_Hero_1440x752.jpg PortugalPenguin_Tablet_768x760.jpg PortugalPenguin_HeroMobile_1023x960.jpg

What’s new: Colossal sculptures of Magellanic penguins – made of repurposed ocean plastics – are now on display at the entrance to the Portugal pavilion at Expo 2020 in Dubai. But how did these oversized aquatic birds get to Dubai from Portugal? After all, everyone knows penguins can’t fly … or can they?

The challenge: Measuring roughly 7.5 x 10.7 feet (228 x 325 cms) and weighing almost 1,300 lbs. (approximately 600 kg), this impressive work of street art required more than a box and a label to reach its destination.

The solution: The Portuguese delegation turned to the supply chain experts at UPS to ensure these birds had a safe and comfortable flight all the way to Dubai. A dedicated team of UPSers oversaw every aspect of the sculpture’s journey – packaging and crating, air transportation, brokerage and customs clearance, and, finally, installation of the artwork at the pavilion.

Why it matters: Created by artist Bordalo II, the sculpture highlights the threat plastic waste poses to marine life of all species, including the beloved Magellanic penguin – named for the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan).

“A sense of pride washed over the team as we unveiled the final product at Expo 2020,” said Majid Khan, UPS Global Freight Forwarding specialist. “It’s impossible for visitors not to stop and marvel at this mesmerizing artwork.”

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