Wanted: 100,000+ UPS seasonal employees

Nearly a third of seasonal hires from last year earned permanent positions
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Delivering the holidays: Millions of people rely on UPS to help make their holidays special. And who helps make it happen within UPS? More than 100,000 seasonal workers.

This year, the company is putting the call out early in a hiring process that’s easier and faster than ever.

What’s the story: Completing an online application – and getting a job offer – can now be completed in just 25 minutes. And nearly 80% of positions don’t even require an interview.

UPS offers competitive wages to fill full- and part-time roles in the U.S., including:

  • Seasonal delivery and CDL drivers
  • Package handlers
  • Driver helpers

“We have made our hiring process as simple and easy as possible,” said Nando Cesarone, Executive Vice President and President, U.S. Operations. “UPS’s strength has always been our people, and we are excited about the opportunity to welcome new UPSers to our team as we deliver what matters for our customers this holiday season.”

Following last year’s holiday season, nearly 35,000 seasonal employees – almost a third of total seasonal employees – earned permanent positions with UPS.

“And that can be life-changing,” Nando said.

Take UPS’s full-time driver positions, which feature industry-leading compensation. The average pay for a UPS delivery driver is $95,000$112,000 for tractor-trailer drivers. Add in another $50,000 in health, welfare and pension contributions to each.

After four years, drivers make an average of $42 per hour.

UPS also offers tuition assistance through its Earn and Learn program – a lifetime max of up to $25,000. Part-time employees can participate the day they’re hired. And seasonal employees are eligible for pro-rated reimbursement the day they’re hired.

What’s next: Apply for a role at jobs-ups.com. Current UPSers can also refer friends and family for UPS jobs at ups.loop.jobs.

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