UPS driver Joel Reyez shares his tips to working in the heat

‘Use the training and the tools that the company gives you’
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Crafting success: In the hot summers of Bakersfield, California, where the heat can be relentless, UPS driver Joel Reyez has been driving for 20 years. With 24 total years of service to UPS under his belt, Joel has led by example. His secret? A blend of personal responsibility, company support and a whole lot of hydration.

"The craft is the job and I'm going to do my best to master it," says Joel. He believes that the tools and training provided by UPS are key to his success. "The company is doing their part; as drivers, we have to do ours," he adds.

Beating the Bakersfield heat Joel's day starts with a Bible reading and a three-gallon jug of water—preparing his mind and body for the day ahead.

"Bakersfield is hot," he said. "One of the things that I do is make sure I have water. Plenty of water is key."

He credits UPS for providing water jugs, cooling towels and ice to help drivers stay hydrated. But hydration is just one part of Joel's routine. He emphasizes the importance of mental and physical preparation, arriving to work early and thinking about his route.

“You have to be mentally ready to take on the job," he advises. 

Guiding the next generation: Joel's commitment to safety extends beyond his own work. As a member of UPS’s safety committee, he's eager to share his knowledge with younger drivers.

"One of the pointers I tell new drivers is to master the craft," he says. "As long as you adapt yourself to the training, stay hydrated and prepare for each day, you'll be a successful driver."

The ultimate motivation: Joel's commitment to working safely and staying hydrated comes from a very personal place.

"I got a picture of my son and daughter – that's my motivation to work safe," he shares. "My main reason for keeping myself hydrated and working safe is for my family. That's the last, most important stop for me every day."

Did you know:

  • UPS pays its delivery drivers industry-best wages and has some of the longest tenured employees with about 40,000 drivers having 15+ years at the company. It’s our formula for success: appreciation + experience = better results.
  • In 2023, we increased our investment in safety training to more than $409 million to help prepare UPSers to work safely year-round. This represents a $66 million increase from our total investments in 2022. 

UPS is improving heat safety for employees

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