Update: Thank a UPS Hero

Keep sending your notes of appreciation
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What’s new: We recently asked both UPS customers and UPSers from around the world to participate in #ThankAUPSHero on social media and in a nomination process on About UPS.

Submissions: Hundreds of UPSers have been recognized for doing what they do every day – deliver. There were thank yous for wrapping packages in plastic in inclement weather and for leaving deliveries in garages. There were notes of appreciation for great attitudes, big smiles, knowing kids’ names and giving treats to dogs.

And ones like these:

  • When Brandon Lantz, a UPS driver in Michigan, delivered a package, he noticed his customer was alone and struggling to clear her driveway after a snowstorm. After completing his route, Brandon returned with his son to shovel the property.
  • A pair of operations supervisors Australia’s Fadi Kazzi and Clare Doughty – were recognized for maintaining high service levels when the team was shorthanded as peak was peaking.  
  • In Rhode Island, a woman was having trouble paying for her groceries. A UPS driver in line stepped in and took care of the entire bill. “It was incredibly generous and kind,” she wrote.
  • In Dallas, Texas, UPS driver Joe Galicia stopped to change a tire for a person who had waited nearly two hours for roadside assistance. (Joe still made it to work on time.)
  • When Typhoon Odette struck the Philippines, customs supervisor Marilou Dizon coordinated vendors across the world to do key entry and ensure thousands of packages were processed, remaining laser focused in a difficult time.

It’s your turn: Please tell us about your UPS hero. Use #ThankAUPSHero on social media or go here.

And finally: Pass the Preesh – check out a video from UPS Chief Human Resources Officer Darrell Ford.

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