‘I love my job’

UPS drivers encourage people to join the team
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UPS drivers in Roswell, Georgia – just miles from the company’s world headquarters – recently swapped their iconic brown uniforms for T-shirts that read “I love my job … do you?”

Tammy Coady sure loves hers.

Tammy took early retirement from a career in the healthcare industry. She realized, however, she wasn’t quite ready to retire.

“I enjoy engaging with people”, she said. “I frequently talked with the UPS driver in our neighborhood, and I thought, ‘I could do what you do, and have a lot of fun with it.’”

Her husband, Phil, agreed. So did the driver.

“They both told me to go for it,” Tammy said.

Tammy did go for it, becoming a seasonal driver five years ago. Today, she has a career as a full-time delivery driver.

She loves the fast-paced nature of the role and says the job benefits “absolutely rock.”

“But it’s really the people, both customers and coworkers who make it awesome,” she said.

One of her most memorable days was when CEO Carol B. Tomé rode with her.

“She was supposed to ride with me for a few hours only, because she had a meeting with the mayor later  that day,” Tammy said. “But Carol canceled the meeting and said, ‘I’m riding with you all day.’ It was great … she really took the time to understand me and what I do day-to-day as a driver.”

More than a job: UPS package delivery drivers average $95,000 per year plus an additional $50,000 in health, welfare and pension contributions for a total compensation package of about $145,000. That means economic mobility for many of our drivers and their families.

Join Tammy: UPS is hiring 100,000+ people to fill seasonal roles. Last year, 35,000 seasonal employees – almost one-third – earned permanent positions after the holidays. Check out the seasonal opportunities available in variety of locations and in multiple roles at upsjobs.com.

“It’s a lot more than the pay, benefits and career opportunities here,” Roswell Package Division Manager Meghan Carr said. “It really is the people, and a culture we’ve been creating.”

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