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Asian and Pacific Islander UPSers on the move
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In the midst of Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month, five young UPSers share in their own words a little about where they’ve been … and where they’re going.

Name: Heba Qureshi

Department: Business intelligence and analysis

Job Title: Financial analysis supervisor

Ethnic Background: Pakistani American

Recent Accomplishment: I was recently selected for a special assignment with the UPS sustainability team to develop a customized carbon cost model with an objective to guide business strategies that assess what it’d take to get to net zero carbon emissions. The net zero goal aims to have an operations network where there is a balance between the amount of greenhouse gases produced by business operations and the amount removed from the atmosphere. I am proud to be a part of our company’s first step in this journey to become carbon neutral by 2050, if not sooner.

I’m also involved in various leadership roles, internally and externally, to stay involved in our community. I currently serve as the business connections
co-chair for the UPS women’s leadership development business resource group to develop strategic partnerships with local women-focused organizations. I also serve as the events chair for the Young Professionals Advisory Committee for the Atlanta Children’s Shelter. In the upcoming months, I’ll be spearheading a fundraising event to benefit the educational programs and social services of the Atlanta Children’s Shelter to assist families facing homelessness build pathways to long-term self-sufficiency.

Name: William Wang

Department: Customer solutions

Job title: Product manager

Ethnic background: Chinese American

[My team] successfully reached an agreement for a large healthcare customer to offset half of their carbon footprint with UPS. I am working with a start-up to provide a whole new way for customers to carbon offset with UPS. I am also developing a green fuel purchase program and building a service that allows customers to co-finance sustainable fuels for our fleet. Exciting stuff!

Name: Miyoko Heiman

Department: Tax department under finance and accounting

Job Title: State and local tax supervisor

Ethnic Background: Japanese

When I was 25 years old, I received a job offer from a Japanese company with a subsidiary in New York. Having wanted to work in the U.S., I jumped at the opportunity and came here alone. Even though I had no friends or family in New York and had very poor English skills, I’m glad that I did it.

I became interested in the U.S. tax system as a possible field for a new career. In 2018 I decided to go back to graduate school to complete a master’s in
taxation program at Georgia State University. As a working mother, I wanted to show my daughter that hard work and effort are worth it … no matter your background.

I’m actively involved with my daughter’s school events and would like to resume my life as a musician. I used to play the flute and classical guitar, and I want to get back to playing these in my spare time.

As for my professional life, I want to proactively market myself within UPS and explore new possibilities, including international assignments. And, I want to keep learning! From my experience, learning always results in more opportunities.

Name: Yen Duong

Department: Global healthcare compliance

Job Title: Quality manager

Ethnic Background: Vietnamese American

I’m part of the GLD/HLD Community Involvement Committee (CIC). I presented a proposal that was recently approved by the CIC for a grant for the Middletown-Odessa-Townsend Senior Center in Middletown, Delaware. This funding will help the center’s nutrition program continue to provide fresh groceries for homebound seniors impacted by the pandemic for the next seven months (remainder of 2021).

From a work perspective, there are two exciting projects to note. My electronic Quality Management System (eQMS) support team is working on a project to clean up user provisioning/profiles for the 5,000+ active users in the eQMS community. It enables accurate reporting and assignment of responsibilities and provides accountability. My QA data management team is working to automate data inputs/outputs for quality metrics required by our Healthcare Quality Management System.

Also, I’m a project leader for the corporate Atlanta Asian American BRG. The ABGR community and folks I’ve worked with have been amazing and exceptionally dedicated. The team stands and supports one another while practicing inclusion and diversity.

Name: Sourav Dutta

Department: GBS continuous improvement team

Job Title: Continuous improvement manager

Ethnic Background: Bengali

We recently developed a web portal for enhanced customer experience for our GBS Pune employees related to all administrative tasks in the three UPS buildings at Pune, India, which are all manual and time consuming tasks. Also, I recently received my Certified Scrum Master certification from Scrum Alliance, U.S.

The next big project I’m working on is the voice of the customer global expansion project for the Customer Service Delivery Tower in China using Verint Analytics. This will help UPS analyze calls from our customers and continue to create data-driven actionable intelligence, focused on GBS priorities and wildly important initiatives.

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