3 ways UPS Healthcare delivers temperature-sensitive biologics like insulin around the world

Check out how we’re building reliable networks for all kinds of medication
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Healthcare level up: Biologics are complex medications – think certain kinds of insulin, growth hormones, etc. – that represent one of the fastest-growing sectors in pharmaceuticals. The demand is surging, and with UPS Healthcare we’re building one of the most reliable cold chain networks in the world and getting biologics to patients in need.  

How do we help? Companies face all kinds of challenges when it comes to managing the complicated cold chains that biologics require. A simple change in temperature could affect the safety and effectiveness of these drugs. At UPS, we bring our expertise to the table to manage the risk.

Here are three ways we’re helping pharmaceutical and healthcare customers improve their cold chains, get biologics where they’re needed most and ultimately make a difference in peoples’ lives:

📦 Customized cold packaging solutions: The right boxes help lock in product quality and prevent spoilage. We work directly with our customers to tailor the right packaging for their needs – everything from insulation to dry ice, sensors and more.

📊 Active monitoring tools: Services like our Supply Chain Symphony platform can help businesses gain end-to-end visibility into the cold chain through active updates on temperature and status. The tools help make sure critical shipments arrive at the right time and in the right condition.

🗺 Contingency plans for any occasion: Expecting the unexpected is critical when shipping sensitive biologics with greater levels of risk. We help our customers create contingency plans and provide access to tools like UPS Premier to intercept at-risk packages and offer last-mile support.

Bottom line: Customers looking for ways to reliably improve efficiency in pharmaceutical cold chains or learn more about working with UPS can get started here.

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