YBell Fitness doubles sales with help from Ware2Go, a UPS company

Pumped for peak performance
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A heavy lift: YBell Fitness started out selling its four-in-one workout equipment directly to fitness facilities and retailers. When the pandemic hit and shut down gyms and storefronts, the team had to sell directly to consumers. And the folks at YBell knew the sheer weight of their product would make in-house fulfillment … well, a heavy lift.

“You can have the best product and the best sales platform in the world, but if you can’t get your products to your end customers, you’re dead in the water,” said Mark Livingston, VP of worldwide sales and marketing at YBell Fitness.

Their spotter: Ware2Go – a UPS company that provides on-demand fulfillment and warehousing – helped with the lift by building in its innovative technology to connect its nationwide warehouse network with YBell Fitness. The integration was a success and sales grew – YBell even maxed out its West Coast warehouse! Inventory was quickly moved to an East Coast warehouse to keep up with fulfillment, and between the two warehouses, YBell was able to offer two-day shipping to 97% of its customers.

Peak performance: Faster delivery times during the holiday season has helped YBell Fitness increase sales across the country, even doubling its Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales year over year.

"With Ware2Go and UPS managing our order fulfillment, we feel confident that this holiday season will be even more successful," said Mark. 

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