Sales soar without sacrificing sustainability

Ware2Go’s technology helps Aloha grow responsibly
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What’s the story: Organic plant-based protein brand Aloha built a distribution network for aggressive growth and did so in a responsible way with help from Ware2Go; a UPS company that helps business owners simplify fast delivery to customers.

More sales, not footprint: Aloha redesigned its website, upped its marketing game and boosted its presence on social media to grow direct-to-customer (D2C) sales. But there was an issue – how to sell more nutritious, high-quality food and drinks in a sustainable way

Call in the experts: Ware2Go’s network of warehouses and technology speeds up fulfillment. And delivering products to customers in one to two days becomes easy and affordable for fast-growing companies like Aloha.

Ware2Go’s NetworkVu tool helped Aloha understand customer demand and stock inventory. So Aloha used the data to select a three-warehouse network, providing 98% two-day coverage and 42% one-day coverage for its growing e-commerce customer base.

Ware2Go now packs Aloha’s products efficiently to reduce waste, and uses its warehouse network to offset CO2 emissions by positioning products closer to customers.

In his words: “The entire process of choosing our warehouse locations felt purposeful and intentional,” said Steven Gmelin, VP of digital sales & strategy at Aloha. “NetworkVu showed us multiple options so we could fully understand the service level and bottom-line cost implications of our decisions.” 

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