Exporting helps small business Papel Picado Fiesta Mexicana double revenue in less than a year

‘UPS showed me how to be an exporter’
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Exporting works: It took less than a year for Leidy Soto to grow her small business by 120% – after exporting with UPS. Papel Picado Fiesta Mexicana sold only one product when it started, and now it sells an entire line of Mexican handcrafted goods, exporting them from Mexico to the U.S.

"I knew Mexicans abroad longed for their country's handcrafts, but I didn't know how to ship them ... until UPS showed me," said Leidy. "Everything changed after I saw a UPS promotion on Facebook. I connected with a sales representative who showed me how to be an exporter."

Like many small business owners, Leidy created her artisanal business to have flexibility and to spend more time with her son. At first, she sold only papel picado – colorful tissues with elaborate designs used for celebrations. Then her business kept growing and she expanded her lineup to include all kinds of all kinds of handmade products from dolls to bags.

“I was thrilled to see her business grow,” said Daniella Leon, UPS inside sales representative. “I believe any entrepreneur can learn how to export.”  UPS helps small business owners like Leidy reach international markets with programs offering discounted rates and training opportunities.

Why it matters: The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean says small and medium-sized businesses generate more than 60% of jobs in Latin America. And exporting is key to helping them grow.

Pro tips: A well-managed shipping process is essential to a better customer experience.

  • Merchandise moves across borders faster with accurate documents; paperless systems make the process even faster.
  • SMB customers love visibility into their shipments, and automated notifications save them time.
  • Sometimes your customers need to return the product; so, make returns easy for them.
  • Get the right partner to help you out! out … hint, hint it’s UPS.

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