UPS program empowers women in business

Coco Veda leads by example in the Philippines
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What’s the story: Singapore-based Coco Veda employs an all-woman operations team in the Philippines to manufacture more than 100 coconut and plant-based health and wellness products.

Why it matters: Simarna Singh, the company’s co-CEO and chief sustainability officer believes opportunities for women in Asia are lacking. Coco Veda is trying to change perceptions that women should stay at home and not climb the career ladder.

“We focus on giving our women an opportunity to be breadwinners, to grow their self-esteem, support their kids’ education and upskill themselves,” Simarna said. “They assume active leadership roles, such as recommending what kind of blends we should use in our products.”

The right partner: Coco Veda’s brand philosophy aligns perfectly with UPS’s efforts to support women-led businesses.

“We're all working together toward one common goal − to better the lives of women,” Simarna said. “We need to share our knowledge and be each other's support system.”

A unique program: Coco Veda took advantage of the UPS Women Exporters Program, a global effort to promote the growth of women-owned SMBs.

We connect with local partners, non-governmental organizations and governments to provide special training on customs regulations, supply chain processes, trade agreements and finance.

Healthy growth: Since 2015, we’ve helped them export their products from the Philippines to more than 80 countries.

“UPS has given us amazing opportunities as a small business to reach global markets we never thought we’d be able to penetrate,” Simarna said.

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