UPS makes exporting simple for Indigenous Box subscription service

Small business ships to 27 countries around the world … and counting
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With the help of UPS’s global integrated network, Mallory and Kham Yawnghwe’s startup has become Canada’s largest and fastest-growing Indigenous custom gift service in just two years.

“When I think of UPS, the first two words that come to mind are fast and reliable,” said Kham, partner and co-founder of Indigenous Box.

Now shipping to 27 countries around the world, Indigenous Box is a subscription service that creates custom-curated boxes full of products sourced from Indigenous artisans, businesses and entrepreneurs across North America.

From jewelry and bath soaps to pottery and clothing, Indigenous Box offers its customers a wide array of handmade goods.

Thinking outside the box: Partners and co-founders Mallory and Kham said their dream started with just 100 boxes shipped out of an 80-square-foot basement in 2021.

When their first batch sold out in just four days – with orders coming in from every corner of Canada – Mallory and Kham knew they were onto something good.

They understood the only way to keep the momentum was to find a logistics partner who could help them simplify international shipping and help their business grow and they found UPS.

UPS makes it easy for us to ship worldwide,” added Mallory. “They make sure we have all the tools and resources we need to get our products across borders by helping with duties and tariffs.”

Mallory, Kham and their team are focused on bringing Indigenous businesses into mainstream commerce on a global scale. Their company grows by helping other Indigenous businesses grow, empowering their communities.

Sense of belonging: “I come from such a vibrant, beautiful community full of incredible people, and we’ve inherited such an incredible legacy of strength and resilience and creativity,” Mallory said. “And we get to live that now at Indigenous Box.”

Watch this inspiring video about how Indigenous Box showcases the beauty of who they are.


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