UPS helps make Latin and Hispanic-owned small businesses unstoppable

Get inspired by these Latina entrepreneurs
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This Hispanic Heritage Month, the latest edition of our Proudly Unstoppable campaign celebrates emprendedoras women entrepreneurs who innovate, take risks and just make things happen.   

Ya tú sabes – you already know: Businesses owned by Latinas are the fastest growing small and medium-sized business segment in the U.S. Si – yes – with over two million Latina-owned small businesses, they’re leading the sector in growth.

Join us in celebrating the women entrepreneurs making moves like a jefa – boss


Paving the way: Check out these four growing small businesses and the Latinas driving them forward.

Lulu Cordero has created a line of hair care that connects people with her culture through Bomba Curls.

About Lulu: "I'm originally from the Dominican Republic. As an Afro-Latina, I set out to honor my ancestors through my journey as a business owner. My heritage and experiences bring a unique perspective to the entrepreneurial world."

Lulu and UPS: "Every single package that I have shipped via UPS has been one that has altered the trajectory of my business - from the first sample to the first freight shipment we shipped to fulfill our first major retail order."

Daisy Romero designs her vibrant El Cholo's Kid bags in California while working with Mexican weavers to promote their local economies.

About Daisy: "As a first-generation Mexican American, my culture has always been a big part of my journey as a business owner. I have always viewed having your own business as independence. It provides you the ability to create and build something that allows you to be self-sufficient."

Daisy and UPS: "Building relationships with The UPS Store team and UPS drivers – who are part of the community makes it easier to run your business. That's the best part of working with UPS … the local community members who take an interest in your business and make up the team."

Gabriela Hernandez founded cosmetic line Bésame by embracing proven beauty trends and techniques passed down through generations.

About Gabriela: "I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina and lived there until the age of 12. I grew up surrounded by strong independent women with a very classic style of their own."

Gabriela and UPS: "When we first started shipping, we reached out to several companies and UPS was the only one that offered us the tools to get us started from zero. We never forgot that and have been loyal to them ever since."

Together we grow: In 2022, The UPS Foundation invested over $3 million to empower Hispanic communities, including organizations like Unidos US, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Inc. and Hispanic American Center for Economic Development. But our support doesn’t end there: 

  • Our employee-led Hispanic and Latino Business Resource Group, Crecer, includes 20 chapters with approximately 1,500 members.  
  • Since launching the Women Exporters Program, we’ve equipped Latin and Hispanic-owned andwomen-owned small businesses with the skills to grow and develop their companies’ export capabilities.
  • Hispanic and Latin Americans account for 18% of our U.S. talent base, laddering back to our goal of reflecting the communities we serve. 

More on Proudly Latin and Hispanic-owned: As part of our Proudly Unstoppable campaign, we commission diverse artists to showcase their art on limited run packaging.  Check out how world-renowned illustrator Mar Figueroa spotlights the strength of the emprendedora on this year's exclusive UPS Express Box.

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