UPS expands healthcare capabilities in China

Quality focused, patient driven shipments powered by advanced mesh sensors
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Exciting news: The launch of UPS Premier in China brings one of our most advanced shipping solutions to the country. The service combines tracking, prioritization and recovery for time- and temperature-sensitive healthcare shipments.

“UPS Premier is now available in 47 countries. This expansion to China – an incredibly important market to UPS – reflects our commitment to becoming the No.1 complex healthcare logistics provider and premium international logistics provider,” said Kate Gutmann, EVP and President of UPS International, Healthcare and Supply Chain Solutions.

A powerful label: UPS Premier is powered by advanced mesh sensor technology built into each package label. The added tech gives customers visibility of their package within about 10 feet – and helps precisely locate shipments if they encounter any hiccups along the way.

The expansion builds on our existing capabilities to provide the complete cold chain experience from China to anywhere in the world for temperature-controlled shipments. This kind of end-to-end solution is a huge differentiator for why customers choose UPS.

Track record: UPS Premier also played an important role in the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, ultimately delivering over 1.5 billion vaccines around the world with 99.9% on-time performance. Today, the service powers successful deliveries of critical healthcare packages that include tissue samples, biopsies, implantable medical devices for scheduled surgeries, and personalized medications.

We’re committed to be “Quality Focused, Patient Driven.” With the launch of UPS Premier in China, we’re taking another step toward realizing that vision.

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