The UPS Store helps small businesses get their own 3D billboard in the heart of NYC

’It’s crucial to have partners like UPS who respect your business’
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Welcome to New York: The UPS Store is making a splash in Times Square with a brand new fully animated billboard … 👓 in 3D 👓 … giving three small business owners a platform to reach millions of customers at one of the most iconic spots in the world.

It’s all about showcasing the UPS’s longstanding support for small business owners and entrepreneurs everywhere.


Are you ready for the holiday season? At UPS, we’re ready to meet those delivery and return demands as one of the most trusted and reliable options in the industry.

Your new best friend: The UPS Store has 5,200 locations providing a full range of UPS shipping services and expertise. And UPS is a reliable and trusted advisor, backed by a global network.​ We help businesses succeed – no matter who, where or how big you are.​

We spoke to the three small businesses featured in Times Square for more on how The UPS Store is helping unlock their full potential:

🎸 Delgado Guitars 🎸

Delgado Guitars is steeped in family tradition – makers of handcrafted guitars for musicians going back decades, played by icons like Jose Feliciano, Buddy Guy and Jackson Brown.

How it started: “I didn't start my business – it was started in 1928 by my grandfather and great uncle. It was then passed down to my father and my father passed it down to me,” said Master Luthier Manuel Delgado. “My focus is maintaining the integrity of my family's history and the craft of building.”

How it’s going: “I have a saying, ‘I don't wish harm against my enemies; I pray they will open a small business.’ Any small business owner will understand what this means. This is why it’s crucial to have partners that respect your business and work to achieve top results for you. UPS has been that partner for us, and we trust them.”

“These are the moments I wish my father and grandfather were still alive to see what they started and where it has reached.”

🌶 Pisqueya 🌶

Pisqueya is a brand of premium sauces and seasonings rooted in family, heritage and a commitment to sharing flavors from the Caribbean. Think scotch bonnet peppers, fresh oregano and other organic fruits and vegetables all sourced directly from farms in the Dominican Republic.

“Every Pisqueya recipe originates from my family kitchen in Brooklyn since 1986,” said Founder and CEO Maritza Abreu. “Immigrating from the Dominican Republic, my parents opened a restaurant in Brooklyn — where I spent most of my childhood and where the picante/hot sauce originated.”

Earning trust: “For UPS, their commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion goes beyond a tagline. It’s seen in the diversity of their team members, board and community. This mirrors the ethos of Pisqueya and the shared belief that to move our world forward, we must move our culture forward.”

Bold & Gritty

A seat at the table: “Bold & Gritty is an entrepreneurial pursuit with social implications – what would it look like if we built a culture around Black male success and cultivated a brand around that image?” said CEO David Paul.

With unique coffee brews, styles and journals, Bold & Gritty showcases culture front and center. And their collabs with other brands donate a portion of proceeds to mental health initiatives for Black and Brown communities.

“Our advice to a small business owner searching for a shipping partner, would be to partner with one that is convenient for your business. Partnering with UPS and The UPS Store has allowed our business to scale and offer quick and affordable shipping to our customers.”

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