Behind the scenes of delivering more than a billion vaccines

Personal reflections from UPSers delivering what matters
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What’s the story: With well over a billion vaccines delivered globally, UPSers have been on the frontlines fighting the pandemic – moving our world forward by delivering what matters.

Watch these touching videos to see what it’s been like behind the scenes for them.

Bassey Anari, UPS Foundation manager
Alyse Adkins, assistant chief pilot
Keith Malone, senior warehouse operator for UPS Healthcare
Cortez Martin, director of the UPS Healthcare global command center

Did you know:

  • From strategy through delivery, our diverse workforce is making history delivering what matters throughout the pandemic.
  • UPS has a long history with healthcare and can handle the most complex healthcare logistics and delivery needs.
  • As part of our customer-first strategy, the company is investing heavily in healthcare expertise, technology and innovation and expanding our best-in-class service.

Explore what UPS Healthcare has to offer here.

Find out more about the UPS faces of a billion.

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