Spanish retailer doubles U.S. business with curated fashion and UPS reliability

See how a passion for quality helped grow global exports and premium reputation
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Craftsmanship and perfection: Redcast Heritage Co. co-founders Isabel Moreno and Eduardo Sánchez choose their business partners carefully. They curate men's fashion items from artisans and craftsmen for customers looking for their next staple item. That’s why we, at UPS, are proud to be trusted with their carefully constructed reputation.

Global growth: Since working with UPS, Redcast Heritage Co. doubled its business in the U.S. and now sells to over 70 countries. Its online store started in 2018 with only five Japanese brands. Now, the store offers collections from 40 brands inspired by classic workwear, adding items like flannels, work boots and T-shirts.

A quest for quality: It all started when Isabel and Eduardo became obsessed with the world of Japanese denim – shuttle looms, indigo dyes, different types of fabrics and cotton.

“We spent a lot of time traveling Japan in search of high-quality items to sell in our online store with a dream of selling them around the world,” said Isabel. “And we wanted a premium e-commerce buying experience aligned with our products, offering exceptional customer service and fast, dependable delivery.”

Startup struggles: Like a lot of small businesses, Redcast Heritage Co. opened as an online store based out of an apartment. But the complexity of shipping products from their home in Madrid, Spain, to buyers in the U.S. and across Europe was difficult to manage. With increasing sales, Isabel and Eduardo realized that they needed help to keep growing.

“At the beginning, we were lost – even after getting exporting advice from government agencies,” said Isabel, speaking at a UPS Women Exporters Program event in Spain. “When you decide to go global, you need a partner with customs experience and trustworthy global coverage who can help navigate the challenges of international trade.”

Service and reliability: The artisan aficionado brand uses UPS Paperless Invoice to help simplify the headaches often associated with exporting. And UPS Express Saver makes sure that products are delivered within 24-48 hours.

“Redcast Heritage Co. is an example of what UPS does for small businesses around the world, every day,” said Ana Avila, UPS Account Manager. “We make importing and exporting as simple as shipping domestically, so people like Isabel and Eduardo can grow a business out of their apartments into global brands.”

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